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GG:Re: Beethoven

Leon A. Le Leu wrote:

> I think his performance of the 32 variations is really masterly and gives
> more of an impression of what a dramatic and well integrated work it is.
> Just his rendition of the last three chords of the work, complete with
> expansive gestures, is masterly in itself.
> What do others think?

I love GG's rendition of the C minor variations! I think it is among his 
finest Beethoven interpretations. His staccato in variation 1, for 
instance, is so beautiful, it never fails to excite me. The only other 
recordings of this piece that I like is Perahia's (your normal, solid, 
and lyrical version) and Gilel's (1969?) live recording (an incredibly 
fast, virtuso performance but with depth). All three are superbly played, 
but Gould's version is special. His wonderul, brutal grace brings out the 
dramatic character of this piece.

As a composition, the work deserves more attention. Although simple in 
harmonic structure, it is a beautiful and very effective work, and not 
many pianists can even play it right.

Thanks for sharing.

- Manuel