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Yup! Another Australian fan lurking right here.

Anne-Maree Kate ENGLUND 9104791 <e9104791@rainbow.anu.edu.au>
>I'm just curious to know whether there other Australians on this list?

Here's one owning up. My name's Lyle and I'm a Glenn Gould addict. Can't go
to bed without reading the Reader. Am saving up for the coffee table book.
Can't wait for Vol.8 of the Sony edition. Am drooling over the photos of
Images as I type this. My favourite Gould track is Gibbons' Italian Ground.
My next favourite is Strauss' Beim Schlafengehen with Lois Marshall. Then
comes The Idea of North. I should stop now. Oh, just one more thing. I LOVE



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Soundscapes - Australia's 
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