[f_minor] A worthy successor to Glenn's way of conduction?

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To Marius Coomans,

I kneel down before you. What a terrific juxtapostion. 

"someofbach" and BWV54 is brilliant. 

Loved "All of Bach" performance of The Saint Matthew Passion. Loved it and e-mailed it all over the place. 

I recently attended a concert where the first violin was also the "Conductor" of a 25 piece orchestra - he did it from his usual seat but all with his eyes and his forehead. It was quite incredible.


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Subject: [f_minor] A worthy successor to Glenn's way of conduction?

I've been working on a website of Bach's performances, someofbach.com , which is a bit tongue in cheek, as those of you who follow the excellent allofbach.com will realise.
Anyway, I was looking to contrast Glenn Gould's interpretation of BWV54 with a modern day "original instruments" version. Apart from the gorgeous video and audio, and a terrific rendition by Maarten Engeltjes, the mannerisms of Lars Ulrik Mortensen strike me as a "chip of the old block"...

Marius Coomans

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