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chère Anita,

>From what I understand you have most of Gould's Columbia Masterworks LPs, you've got no worries. If I owned the LPs I wouldn't buy the digital anything. Keep listening to your albums; I reckon you've already understood that. I find one or two of them from time to time at a Salvation Army or even thrown out onto the street in a box with LPs of Schnabel, but it's quite rare and I always look upon it as a gift from the Gods of Music. Almost as good as adopting an abandonned cat which decided to hide in my garden until it could find a trusted friend...



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Jörgen,  Thanks for the information, but I'm going to stay content with the box I have, perfect or not...
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Hello all,

It'll be interesting to know if they've improved on the sound:


This is a sampler I believe:




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