[f_minor] Remastered GG edition

Bruce Murray bmurray at murrayweb.com
Sat May 9 09:41:13 MDT 2015

I am curious as well and wonder whether the USB version of this new
edition will provide resolution better than 16/44k. That would be

Remastering GG seems a hit-or-miss proposition. I did not enjoy all of
the remastering on the Original Jacket Collection CDs, particularly on
the solo recordings. Some albums sounded very different from the
original LPs, not for the better: plummier, phatter, a friendlier GG
for the modern age, rather out of tune with recording aesthetics of
the 1950s/60s. I like some earlier CD versions better. 

I've just started listening to the Japanese SACDs of the WTC. So far a
very intense, compelling experience; as an audio product it's more
convincing than any of the CD versions I've heard. 


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 Hello all,

 It'll be interesting to know if they've improved on the sound:

 This is a sampler I believe:


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