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Thanks for your info. I didn't notice those kind of links and have been
long waiting for CBC Radio official release. I do have all the commercial
CDs of Glenn Gould (excluding duplications) and CBC actually released his
Radio 2 documentaries in 2007 in addition to the famous trilogy, which I
purchased on its first release on CD back to 1992. I bought this set in
Dussmann, Berlin.
But, any of those shown in the link I gave you yesterday have not released

That's Chinese pirate. left bottom is 説明 (explanation(s) in English) in
current Chinese characters. And the one you mentioned is something to do
with Chinese website.
Here is google translation of the word into English (but, Google translates
it in Japanese as 油庫 which can be only read as "Oil Tank" and we don't have
such a word in Chinese characters. I google translated that term 油庫 into
English then the result was "Depot.") :

As for Opening Performance of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts on
Septermber 23, 1962, CDs are still available from:
And the track listing of the program is here:

They don't have English website. Feeling sorry about that. This 2 CD set
issued by Tower Records Japan under license of Sony includes  its entire
evening performances with Bernstein conducting Mahler 5th "Adagietto" on
funeral mass of Robert F. Kennedy as bonus.

This website may look easier, but I recommend you to directly purchase one
from Tower Records Japan.

How to order it from them is here:
Hope that this helps.

All the best,
Yoshiyuki Mukudai
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