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The three GG titles mentioned on your discogs link were available years ago for one and all to hear on a site called Ubu or Ubu web. All those pieces have been taken down, I don't know when exactly but quite a while ago. They may still be found perhaps, variously, on obscure music blogs but I doubt it. They are there and then they're gone. Poof. Taken down and stopped for 'copyright': the right to not distribute anything at all until your accountant has figured out how much apples will cost 75 years out and not a penny less. We're all cultural extortionists once we've learned to turn culture over to accountants, banksters and 'PR' consultants, right? Wrong.
 Some of us are finding it more than just a little infuriating to be relegated to sniffing, truffle dogs in tangled forests looking to find the well known but hidden cultural gem (recording, audio-visual) or hungry hedgehogs out sniffing all over warm gardens on long August nights. Seriously.
Difference is, I feed and water the hedgehogs in season, they're rare and disappearing: Sony isn't.

For "Taxman" just substitute "Sony":


Someone else here may have more up to date info on the whereabouts of those GG broadcasts but don't hold your breath for a response. I think they've been released by CBC Radio by now? 

As for the whole Gould/Horowitz problem, I really couldn't give a damn, frankly. Gould was obviously bothered about it but I'm not. 

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Jorgen, I completely agree with you so that I am writing here a brief message where I am apparently got hatred by many on my harsh criticism over a Japanese Gould "scholar" of whom I do know very much. I have been long waiting for the release of Glenn Gould CBC radio documentary on Soseki Natsume's Alan Turney translation of "The Three-Cornered World" in 1981 on which knowledgeable people discussed with in UseNet r.m.c. in 1994. But, we had experienced the same thing during the Glenn Gould Edition series by Sony in 1992. They didn't issue many recordings they promised to issue in near future. I think some of them on their list at the time are still in archives just as in the case of "Horowitz on TV" finally released on DVD as bonus in Sony's box set last year.Likewise CBS TV historic broadcast of the opening of Lincoln Center of the Performing Arts (only available on CD format from Tower Records Japan.) Maybe, something to do with things Mary is pointing out, though.Is this link to that radio documentary is genuine and safe enough?http://www.discogs.com/Glenn-Gould-3-Radio-Pieces/release/2236137
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