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well anyway, as long as the Foundation tossed us into this arena ... who has opinions about Henryk Górecki? 

I mean opinions about his music, but if you got opinions about his character or his little-known hobbies, I'd like them, too.

d. 2010. De mortuis nil nisi bonum.

Massachusetts USA

PS. John, did you ask for your money back? I've been known to do that.

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  I once saw Philip Glass perform live.

  The music was so loud and distorted that you couldn't get any idea of what he was trying to achieve; or that sounded anything like the style of his records. No separation between instruments.

  It was a disgraceful effort.


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  - Knock knock
  - Who’s there ?
  - Knock knock
  - Who’s there ?
  - Knock knock
  - Who’s there ?
  - Knock knock
  - Who’s there ?
  - Knock knock
  - Who’s there ?
  - Knock knock
  - Who’s there ?
  - Phil Glass

  ....so, this year’s winner of the GG Prize has been announced and it is Philipp Glass. 

  As you all know, with a few exeptions Mr. Gould found that whole minimal thing a bit dull and methinkst at one point he refered to it as 18th Century Music or summet to that extent. (Personally I am not of that opinion, just for the record. What counts here are the opinions of Mr. Gould.)

  So I wonder if this was a wise choice. 

  Not that I have any grudges against Mr. Glass, far from it. 

  Yet I reckon it should have gone to someone with a more “gouldian” approach to music and technology than a former revolutionary composer from the 70s who is  past mainstream and maybe a bit antique by now. And who was parodied by Mr. Gould in one of his rehearsal tapes. 

  Or could it be that the Old Boys And Girls Network was in charge, decided to give the prize to “one of us” without any regard whatsoever for any gouldian context or the signals this is sending to the rest of the art world, be done with it, proceed to the lunch buffet, safe in the knowledge that their names will also be mentioned in blogs and articles around the interwebs together with the famous laureate ? Do I smell Politics ? A PR stunt ? Why am I wondering if dear old Pet Clarke has ever seen  or heard Koyaniswhatever ?

  At least for me this announcement has a strange aftertaste and I really dunno if Mr. Gould would be happy with the idea of giving a prize in his name to Mr. Glass. Or giving out a prize in his name in general.



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