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Tue Apr 14 15:27:52 MDT 2015

What do the following people have in common?

William Christie, Alexandre Desplat, Helene Grimaud, Katia and Marielle Labeque, Didier Lockwood, Jordi Savall...

They have all signed a petition to save France Musique from destructive decimation and even total annihilation. 

Glenn Gould relied on Public Service Radio for his education, muse, inspiration, secret hours, comfort, amusement and a constant vocation. Radio France Musique continues to provide just these things for huge swathe of humanity. A huge swathe of young artists; old artists; keen technicians; interested listeners; National Orchestras; curious but uneducated listeners; obscure recording labels... My goodness the list goes on and on. This isn't i-pod of what you already know - this is a possibility to hear what you've never heard before and to podcast it... France Musique is unbelievably deep and generous in its offerings to the listening public. More than any other radio station in the world.  

France Musique, France Radio, has been on strike for nearly a month now. Perhaps you have heard about it, probably not but you should have.

There is a petition to sign:

And there is a 'programme' which shall remain silent yet again but just look at it:

And there is the Glenn Gould Prize which will be awarded to someone today. 
My vote is for Radio France Musique which for 50 years has offered to the public listener superlative service, beauty, access, discoveries and so very much more, but it isn't even a contender: Gould was all for radio, all for Public Radio, all for audio-visual access to music.

Award the Glenn Gould Prize 2015 To Radio France Musique.



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