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Hello all


Long time, no see. I hope you are all well.


On September 30th, Sony Classical will release The Complete 1981 Goldberg
Sessions as an 11-disc box set and a book with extensive liner notes. 


This release has only been announced a few days ago, I can't find a decent
press blurb at the moment, but I am sure you all get the idea. Like with the
previous 1995 GB Box Set we will get a ton of outtakes, alternate takes,
studio banter and tons of photos and essays.


As someone who owns a few box sets by various rock bands where unreleased
studio material like false starts, outtakes, alternative versions and so on
can make a lot of sense, I can't wait for this set to be released. 


It is very unusual in the world of "classical music" that we get to hear any
outtakes at all and especially in the case of Glenn Gould it is nice to be
able to look behind the curtain and see how he approached studio work.


I don't have access to amazon.com, but here is a link to Amazon Germany
where you can have a sneak peak at the set and the track listing:



Let's just hope they are not going to include any marbles or scarfs....





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