[f_minor] Glenn Gould book giveaway

John Hood johnhood at iinet.net.au
Sun Aug 8 04:00:14 MDT 2021

I'm still reading, although I had forgotten I was on this list. I have also
recently divested myself of my Gould books, except for the Reader.

I would like a copy of the letters if possible. I am in Australia. See if
that works for you.

Best wishes, John Hood

On Sun, Aug 8, 2021 at 5:44 AM Karl Berry <karl at freefriends.org> wrote:

> Hi - the first message to this list in a couple of years, but hopefully
> some people are still reading.
> I have a number of "classic" Gould books, etc. I'd like to give away.
> Preferably en masse, though I guess I will consider specific requests.
> I've read (more than once) and enjoyed them all, but have to downsize.
> I'd prefer to give them to someone who appreciates Gould than just take
> them to a used bookstore, hence this message.
> All are paperbacks except for Kazdin, which is a small hardcover. They
> are all in reasonable condition, but none are rare and I don't believe
> they have any significant monetary value.
> Anyone interested? Let me know. --best, karl.
> The Glenn Gould Reader - Tim Page, ed.
> Glenn Gould - Otto Friedrich (first major biography)
> Glenn Gould Selected Letters - John P.L. Roberts and Ghislaine Guertin,
> eds.
> The Art of Glenn Gould - John P.L. Roberts, ed.
> Glenn Gould, Music & Mind - Geoffrey Payzant
> Glenn Gould at Work: Creative Lying - Andrew Kazdin
> Glenn Gould Variations: by himself and friends - John McGreevy, ed.
> National Library of Canada - Descriptive Catalogue of the
> Glenn Gould papers, vols. I and II, in slipcase as published.
> French and English. ISBN 955057327X.
> Complete runs of the GlennGould journal and Gould Standard newsletter
> put out by the foundation ca. 1990s.
> Various ephemera from the 1999 exhibition at the NLC, et al.
> Complete run of VHS tapes of the series put together by Monsaigneon.
> (I suspect they are all available on youtube by now, and certainly on
> DVD, so probably no reason for these unless you're a VHS enthusiast. :)
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