[f_minor] Glenn Gould book giveaway

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Aug 7 15:44:15 MDT 2021

Hi - the first message to this list in a couple of years, but hopefully
some people are still reading.

I have a number of "classic" Gould books, etc. I'd like to give away.
Preferably en masse, though I guess I will consider specific requests.
I've read (more than once) and enjoyed them all, but have to downsize.
I'd prefer to give them to someone who appreciates Gould than just take
them to a used bookstore, hence this message.

All are paperbacks except for Kazdin, which is a small hardcover. They
are all in reasonable condition, but none are rare and I don't believe
they have any significant monetary value.

Anyone interested? Let me know. --best, karl.

The Glenn Gould Reader - Tim Page, ed.
Glenn Gould - Otto Friedrich (first major biography)
Glenn Gould Selected Letters - John P.L. Roberts and Ghislaine Guertin, eds.
The Art of Glenn Gould - John P.L. Roberts, ed.
Glenn Gould, Music & Mind - Geoffrey Payzant
Glenn Gould at Work: Creative Lying - Andrew Kazdin
Glenn Gould Variations: by himself and friends - John McGreevy, ed.

National Library of Canada - Descriptive Catalogue of the
Glenn Gould papers, vols. I and II, in slipcase as published.
French and English. ISBN 955057327X.

Complete runs of the GlennGould journal and Gould Standard newsletter
put out by the foundation ca. 1990s.

Various ephemera from the 1999 exhibition at the NLC, et al.

Complete run of VHS tapes of the series put together by Monsaigneon.
(I suspect they are all available on youtube by now, and certainly on
DVD, so probably no reason for these unless you're a VHS enthusiast. :)

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