[f_minor] The Gouldian "kit" is finally born

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Correct me if I'm wrong and that happens quite often but there has been a lot of talk over the years, lots of years, about GG's idea of a "kit". A fit kit for each mélomane/music lover to be able to choose/mix their own preferred version(s) from alternative performances of any piece of recorded music. Uhm, I think that's what GG meant.
Lots of vague assumptions/declarations that internet/youtube would prove GG 'correct' have been postulated by many but I saw not a whit of what GG actually meant (what I think he meant) until now:
Of Note: Bach as a 'Wide Open Field' of Expressive Possibilities | KUAF<https://www.kuaf.com/post/note-bach-wide-open-field-expressive-possibilities>
The possibilities of artistic expression are limitless with every piece of music, but composer and pianist Craig Swanson took it to another level with the release of his album “The French Suite Kit.”Craig Swanson took it to another level with the release of his album “The French Suite Kit.”
Please do listen to the interview before you listen to his French Suite 4 "kit". He really has done it, he has realized to the 'writ' what GG would have done had he been able to at the time. Can you imagine Columbia Masterworks pressing albums: "Glenn Gould Gives You 4 for 1"? "Glenn Gould Gives You More Bach Than Any Other Artist"?

Anyway, I think Craig Swanson has understood the true spirit of GG's "kit" and he has accomplished it. Or I have it all wrong and so does Swanson. Eeek, I already dread the blowback on this.

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