[f_minor] A GG book about his travels to Wawa and his literary influences

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There are 2 books published by PENUMBRA PRESS in Canada that are about
Glenn Gould: not only SEEKING SOLITUDE but an essay that discusses the
Goldberg Variations, the early version & the late version.  This press has
some lovely books to sell & is run by a friendly & knowledgable person,
John Flood.  Look for other interesting books as well the those on Gould.

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> I came across an interesting book that I hope to look into soon. I thought
> I would pass along the info in case someone had not heard of it yet. A nice
> commenter on YT from a city en route to Wawa replied to me as follows:
> He passed our City of Sault Ste Marie, Ontario ... in order to get further
> North, to the City of WAWA, where he had relatives ...
> Last year a book was written by a local author, which describes Glenn
> Goulds "travels" to that region ... you might want to check it out on
> google? ... ;o)
> SEEKING SOLITUDE - daleinnes.ca
> www.daleinnes.ca/seeking-solitude-1.html
> Seeking Solitude: Glenn Gould and the Goldberg Variations, Dale Innes. ...
> Dale Innes is a musicologist, pianist, music teacher and now author from
> Sault Ste. Marie. ... All profit proceeds from the sale of this book will
> be donated to the SPCA . ... Innes concludes with a look at some writers
> who may have influenced Gould, ...
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