[f_minor] Conversations with Seiji Ozawa

John Simon doc4pets2 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 28 14:30:02 MST 2016

Just noticed a book recently translated into English about Seiji Ozawa with references to Glenn Gould among others.  I hadn't heard of it before and it looked interesting.  

Quoted from the article linked above…..
"Absolutely on Music is a fast-read of casual chats between Ozawa and Murakami meandering through various facets of classical music, from Ozawa’s own personal episodes working with famed conductors to more abstract themes. The book shines as a deep exploration into how a conductor does his job and how performer personalities, logistical factors, and mundane bureaucracies can change an orchestra’s sound. Absolutely on Music is shop talk for the symphony set: How composers fall in and out of favor, how certain orchestra halls have the right echo for recording, how digital recording changed audience expectations, how musicians’ own familiarity with each other alters the sound. The book also dishes insider gossip on the greats: Leonard Bernstein is a anti-hierarchical mensch, while Glenn Gould is a fascinating “eccentric.” (Although Murakami has to leave a footnote that the best Gould stories were “too hot for print.”)"
P.S.  My name is not, "John Simon".  It is Joan Simon.

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  1. Pristine 1954 Goldbergs (Timothy Conway)


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There?s an article at <http://www.musicweb-international.com/classrev/2016/Oct/Bach_Goldberg_PAKM068.htm> about the 1954 Goldbergs on the Pristine label. I wonder how it compares with previous issue(s).

?Tim Conway

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