[f_minor] GG's birthday

Elaine Parks elaine19c at yahoo.ca
Sun Sep 25 20:26:30 MDT 2016

Hello again everyone,

Yes, Happy Birthday again to GG. I visited Mt. Pleasant Cemetery today
and was pleased to see several bunches of flowers already there. Some musicians
visiting from overseas were paying respects when I arrived. It was a beautiful early
fall day, perhaps a bit too sunny for our Glenn's liking.

I revisited on youtube the Bach D-Minor Piano Concerto with GG and Bernstein, still one
of my favourites. I remember reading that this piece was one he wanted to "redo"…though
I don't see how it could ever be improved upon!

BTW I am enjoying very much the Glenn Gould Interviews website which started earlier
this year. Some of these stories are so touching.


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