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To Verna Sandercock and Rick Lockhart,

 Mme. Sandercock how marvellous of you to reply. I had just been looking at a 'blow up' of the Gould dedication on that album cover and had no doubt it was genuine, from all of the handwriting I've ever seen of GG in books etc there is no doubt. Then you confirm it.

 Not only is Rick Lockhart fortunate to have such an item in his possession but that album is one of the best recordings ever made by GG and Bernstein. It is magnificent and brilliant.

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As Walter Homburger's secretary from 1958-1961, I also did Glenn's correspondence and will attest to the authenticity of the writing on the back of the Beethoven 3rd recording.  The message and style are very much what and how he would have signed the recording.
How it came to be signed is another question because most of the mailings from the office would have been glossy photos.  I don't recall mailing many recordings as they were big and bulky. The time period is correct as the Bernstein 3rd was available.
Good luck with your find! 
Verna Sandercock Post

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Please find attached photos...
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To Rick Lockhart,

 Not much of a story? Are you joking?  "A van full of used records..." That's exactly where one finds such things. I have found old Glenn Gould Lps in boxes on the streets of Lausanne along with old Lp  Beethoven Sonata box sets by Artur Schnabel !!  People die and their 'leftovers' are so often thrown away without a thought. "Who would want this?" is always the excuse. Who would want an old Lp anymore... ??? Would those sort of people even look for an autographed copy? Of course not.

 Please do contact the Library and Archives Canada coordinates which I sent. They can at least be trusted as to authenticity but will not help you as to $$$.

 It's the same situation for any deceased artist.

Signed Glenn Gould 1960? What are we talking about? Bach? Beethoven?


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Thanks Maryellen,
Not much of a story yet although since contacting F Minor there has been no shortage of opinions and cautions sent my way. I have determined the album could not have been signed for Michael Ignatieff's uncle because it is dated 1960. and he died in 1952. Perhaps another similarly named relative yet to be determined.
Of course I still need it authenticated but based on examining examples of GG's handwriting online it looks like his script.
As for how I acquired it, well not much of a story there either. I have had it for over 10 years now. I friend of mine purchased a van full of used records and after he was done with them he invited me to go through them and take what I wanted. I gathered up a pile including 4 GG LPs. I had not even noticed it was signed at first. Based on this serendipitous event I feel it is authentic.
It has only been recent that I have thought about authentication and appraisal.
I will keep you posted.
Rick Lockhart 

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