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To Rick Lockhart

 Fascinating situation you are in. I am jealous. If you ever wish to tell all about how the Lp came into your possession please do.

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Mme. Cloutier may not be able to help you herself but it's a good bet she knows who can at 'Library and Archives Canada'. Mme. Cloutier does answer her telephone and does answer her e-mails. She was very helpful when a few of us tried to accomplish a "google doodle" of Glenn Gould. 'Google' was not helpful at all. 

Of course I could be way off the mark and the L. and A. Canada never gets involved with such matters but it's worth asking them.cheers,Mary
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Yes thank you for the help. I had recently discovered the same regarding these men 2 Ignatieff's. And thanks to the internet have been able to compare examples of Glenn's writing/signature. I think it matches perfectly bot since I am not an expert I still need to have it authenticated... thanks again!
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Glenn Gould's signature was used on the cover of Glenn Gould, the  magazine issued under the auspices of the Glenn Gould Foundation:


However, this newspaper article indicates that Nicholas Ignatieff (Michael's uncle) died in 1952:


And there are these obituaries from 2014 for another Nicholas Ignatieff (the likely recipient of the Gould album) whose relationship to Michael is not provided other than reference in the second URL to the "extended Ignatieff" family:



Also, there is this biographical data regarding the Nicholas Ignatieff who died in 2014:


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Can anyone direct me to where I could have a Glenn Gould signature authenticated?  I have an album that I think was once owned by Former Liberal Leader/academic/writer Michael Ignatieff's uncle, Nicholas (Nicky) Ignatieff. In ball point cursive
 in the back cover it reads, "For Nicky Ignatieff best wishes Glenn Gould/1960". I am wondering about provenance and the possible value should it turn out to be authentic.

Thank you,

Rick Lockhart

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