[f_minor] Glenn Gould and Nicky Ignatieff

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Yes thank you for the help. I had recently discovered the same regarding
these men 2 Ignatieff's. And thanks to the internet have been able to
compare examples of Glenn's writing/signature. I think it matches perfectly
bot since I am not an expert I still need to have it authenticated...
thanks again!
On Jun 18, 2016 5:18 PM, "Peter Glenister" <Peter.Glenister at msvu.ca> wrote:

> Glenn Gould's signature was used on the cover of Glenn Gould, the
> magazine issued under the auspices of the Glenn Gould Foundation:
> http://www.glenngould.ca/glenn-gould-magazine/
> However, this newspaper article indicates that Nicholas Ignatieff
> (Michael's uncle) died in 1952:
> https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2014/04/23/michael_ignatieffs_uncle_spied_on_suspected_nazis_mi5_files_show.html
> And there are these obituaries from 2014 for another Nicholas Ignatieff
> (the likely recipient of the Gould album) whose relationship to Michael is
> not provided other than reference in the second URL to the "extended
> Ignatieff" family:
> http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/ottawacitizen/obituary.aspx?pid=169129305
> http://yourlifemoments.ca/sitepages/obituary.asp?oId=770260
> Also, there is this biographical data regarding the Nicholas Ignatieff who
> died in 2014:
> http://orthodoxcanada.ca/Nicholas_Leonidovitch_Ignatieff
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> Can anyone direct me to where I could have a Glenn Gould signature
> authenticated?  I have an album that I think was once owned by Former
> Liberal Leader/academic/writer Michael Ignatieff's uncle, Nicholas (Nicky)
> Ignatieff. In ball point cursive in the back cover it reads, "For Nicky
> Ignatieff best wishes Glenn Gould/1960". I am wondering about provenance
> and the possible value should it turn out to be authentic.
> Thank you,
> Rick Lockhart
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