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> Hello all of you at F_Minor:
> Just a quick note to let you all know that our new Website,
> www.glenngouldinterviews.com is now up and running!!!..
> Over the past eight years, as some of you may know, we have been filming
> folks who knew/ worked, or in some way were involved with GG.
> It has taken us a very long time to decide how to present these interviews
> to people around the world who are interested in Glenn.  We hope that we
> have come up with a format that will delight you!!!!
> Please go to the sight and have a peek!!…. hope you are as excited as we
> are!!
> Very best,
> Kate, Eric and Josh Shapero.
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>  Perhaps it doesn't matter to many here but I would like to mention that
> Mary Jo Watts, who set up F Minor way way back when, is a huge Prince fan
> which I assume is still the case in its way.
>  I remember a long ago fantasy dinner party created on F Minor which
> included Prince and GG and a number of other 'illustrious' musicians. It
> was so long ago I don't even dare propose a date in time. I do remember it
> was amusing to imagine what would and what would not have been discussed,
> eaten; who would have sat silently, who would have left the table first etc.
>  If anyone wants to dig it up from the Archives, fine. If not - thanks
> Mary Jo for your great sense of candour/humour. I was always the happier
> for it.
>  If I'm completely mistaken about your Prince appreciation, sorry; but I
> cannot believe I am. He was here on this site because of you and I haven't
> forgotten. He undoubtedly never even knew it but I remember.
> Mary Jensen
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