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Fri Apr 22 16:54:40 MDT 2016

 Perhaps it doesn't matter to many here but I would like to mention that Mary Jo Watts, who set up F Minor way way back when, is a huge Prince fan which I assume is still the case in its way. 
 I remember a long ago fantasy dinner party created on F Minor which included Prince and GG and a number of other 'illustrious' musicians. It was so long ago I don't even dare propose a date in time. I do remember it was amusing to imagine what would and what would not have been discussed, eaten; who would have sat silently, who would have left the table first etc.

 If anyone wants to dig it up from the Archives, fine. If not - thanks Mary Jo for your great sense of candour/humour. I was always the happier for it.
 If I'm completely mistaken about your Prince appreciation, sorry; but I cannot believe I am. He was here on this site because of you and I haven't forgotten. He undoubtedly never even knew it but I remember.    

Mary Jensen
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