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Good to know. Thanks for clarifying.

That's pretty impressive that they were able to derive fingerings from the video. I imagine that was a laborious process. I purchased the edition and look forward to receiving it.


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> A clarification, in response to Barbara Stagno's 
> question: It is
> correct that Gould's surviving scores are almost devoid of 
> fingering; this
> was apparently a matter he left largely to intuition. The 
> fingerings in
> Nicholas Hopkins's new Goldberg edition do not derive from 
> Gould's scores
> (which Hopkins studied) but from Monsaingeon's film; they record the
> fingerings Gould used in that film, to the extent that they can be
> determined. (Of course, in the film, his hands are not always 
> visible, so
> fingerings appear only sporadically in Hopkins's edition.) 
> Anyway, there is
> no evidence that Gould planned his fingerings in advance for the 1981
> Goldberg interpretation, and this is consistent with his 
> lifelong practice.
> Kevin Bazzana
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