[f_minor] New Italian Concerto = the Italian Concerto No.2

藤田 伊織 mocfujita at aol.com
Wed Dec 2 18:31:30 MST 2015

Dear Gould fans,

I love the performance of the Italian Concerto by Glenn Gould. I listened to it many times.
But in 2011, a new german mystery called "Tödliche Kantaten Ein Musikkrimi” was written by German author Sebastian Knauer.
A mysterious discovery on Johann Sebastian Bach's grave stone in St Thomas Church brings a Hamburger detective Pit Koch on the trail of lost original works of Baroque composers. It leads to today's London and Los Angeles - and into the early 18th Century Hamburg, where the organ genius from Thuringia often look so striking was ...Corrupt art dealers, manic collectors, musicians in mortal danger: This thriller about the power of music strikes the reader from the first page in the spell. In the end, the letters B.A.C.H. and to provide a new puzzle.

In this mystery I found "the Italian Concerto No.2” which doesn’t exist in this world. So I made it for the readers of this mystery. 


If you like it, please mail me about your thought.

Iori Fujita
mocfujita at aol.com

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