[f_minor] New transcription edition of 1981 Goldberg

Kevin Bazzana kevinbazzana at shaw.ca
Wed Dec 2 11:17:17 MST 2015

         A clarification, in response to Barbara Stagno's question: It is
correct that Gould's surviving scores are almost devoid of fingering; this
was apparently a matter he left largely to intuition. The fingerings in
Nicholas Hopkins's new Goldberg edition do not derive from Gould's scores
(which Hopkins studied) but from Monsaingeon's film; they record the
fingerings Gould used in that film, to the extent that they can be
determined. (Of course, in the film, his hands are not always visible, so
fingerings appear only sporadically in Hopkins's edition.) Anyway, there is
no evidence that Gould planned his fingerings in advance for the 1981
Goldberg interpretation, and this is consistent with his lifelong practice.
Kevin Bazzana


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