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Fantastic news indeed! The essay itself will be worth the price of the 

>            A unique and very interesting publication was recently 
> announced on the Glenn Gould Foundation’s website (www.glenngould.ca): 
> /Glenn Gould’s Goldberg Variations: A Transcription of the 1981 
> Recording of The Goldberg Variations by Johann Sebastian Bach/, 
> transcribed and edited by Nicholas Hopkins and just published by Carl 
> Fischer, in New York. (Hopkins is the company’s managing editor.) I 
> recently received a copy, and thought a brief report on it might be 
> appreciated here.
>            The publication, which runs to 155 pages, is just what the 
> title says: A notated transcription of Gould’s 1981 Goldberg 
> interpretation, based on both his recording and the Monsaingeon film. 
> The edition comprises, on facing pages, Bach’s original score and 
> Gould’s interpretation thereof. Every pertinent aspect of his 
> performance is indicated, in amazing detail: tempos and rhythmic 
> nuances, dynamics, articulation and phrasing, ornamentation, fingering 
> and hand-crossing, pedaling, contrapuntal relationships, repeats.
> The 47-page introduction discusses the Goldberg Variations itself and 
> Gould’s relationship with it, and includes comments on every aspect of 
> his 1981 interpretation, with particular attention given to his 
> unifying scheme of proportional tempos (Hopkins has a lot that is new 
> and interesting to say about this). There are further, detailed notes 
> on each variation.
> The result is a kind of “study guide” to Gould’s 1981 Goldberg.
> Moreover, Hopkins’s printing of Bach’s original score, on the verso 
> side of each page, itself amounts to an excellent, reliable Urtext 
> edition of the piece, based on close study of Bach’s original 
> publication and his later corrected copy thereof.
> This new publication is supposed to be available through the Carl 
> Fischer website and Amazon, and presumably all the other usual outlets 
> for sheet music and music books. Kevin Bazzana

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