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         Greetings. Some clarification: The interview here has nothing to do
with the preceding performance of Beethoven’s Op. 111. As for the latter,
here’s a footnote from my Gould biography: “On October 19, 1955, Gould
appeared in a CBC radio tribute to the recently deceased Mann, giving a
full-throttle performance of Beethoven’s Op. 111 sonata, which is discussed
in Dr. Faustus. In the early sixties, he talked about making a radio
documentary on Mann.” (GG loved Mann’s novels, and all his life identified
strongly with the title character of the story “Tonio Kröger,” which he read
as a teenager.) What follows Op. 111, however, is the Montreal-based critic
Eric McLean’s interview with GG, which was broadcast on CBC Radio on April
25, 1956. (The interview had been taped in Montreal sometime in the
preceding week.) The giveaway: GG’s last words are “Thank-you, Eric.” This
interview was first published in the GG Foundation’s magazine, 9/2 (Fall
2003): 47-51. Kevin Bazzana


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