[f_minor] GG improv on an interview outtake tacked onto this 1955 C min Variations broadcast

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Fri Sep 18 06:36:30 MDT 2015

1955 radio broadcast of Sonata #32 C minor followed by surprise interview

I found this on the CBC website. Does anyone know why it says the
performance was dedicated to author Thomas Mann? It is a perky tempo, and
at a certain point, even the stones would sing.  It left me in enough of a
cozy state by the end that I was quite startled to hear his corny and loud
german accent making a joke about the variations I just heard.

What is he noodling on the piano while he is waiting to set up the
interview, I wonder? I heard GG loved improvising, but I only got to hear
snatches here and there on the programs. So this was a real treat to hear
him play a little while. And I get to play that type of guessing game he
liked on his birthday weekend. The interview is mostly about his composing

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