[f_minor] Glenn Gould's humming

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Jazz pianist Keith Jarrett has quite a similar problem with utterances as he 
plays which can be quite annoying.


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> I like the humming too, and it's so interesting that he sometimes sounds
> out of key!
> I noticed that some current classical performers make odd harrumphing
> breathing noises while performing (I witnessed this in a pianist and a 
> conductor)
> and I am wondering if our tolerance for GG's extra sounds on record could 
> have
> encouraged these fellows in this regard. Or has it become a fashionable
> eccentricity to exhibit such noises? In both instances I found it curious
> yet unappealing; in the case of the conductor, I left early!!!
> Regarding a previous comment about GG's editing his work, my impression 
> was that
> he defended the right to edit and loved to play at it for fun to 
> demonstrate a point
> but in reality he actually didn't edit his pieces much...at the most 
> tacking on a different
> beginning or ending now and then, or replacing a bad note. Anyone agree?
> Elaine
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