[f_minor] Glenn Gould's humming

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I like the humming too, and it's so interesting that he sometimes sounds
out of key! 

I noticed that some current classical performers make odd harrumphing
breathing noises while performing (I witnessed this in a pianist and a conductor)
and I am wondering if our tolerance for GG's extra sounds on record could have 
encouraged these fellows in this regard. Or has it become a fashionable
eccentricity to exhibit such noises? In both instances I found it curious 
yet unappealing; in the case of the conductor, I left early!!!

Regarding a previous comment about GG's editing his work, my impression was that
he defended the right to edit and loved to play at it for fun to demonstrate a point
but in reality he actually didn't edit his pieces much...at the most tacking on a different
beginning or ending now and then, or replacing a bad note. Anyone agree?


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 Gould's humming is hot -- I think it is his way of
 making love to the music. I love listening to it! 
 On Tue, Feb 17, 2015 at
 3:13 PM, Robert  Merkin <bobmerk at earthlink.net>
 oboy, we haven't had a big
 screaming fight between 
 the Hummists and the Anti-Hummists in years!
 Last time, the Antis were
 calling for a new 
 release of all GG's piano works with the humming
 electronically stripped 
 I'm a 100 percent Hummist.
 For me, it's an 
 indispensable additional passionate dimension of GG's
 danke bsi, i'll try to get
 through Die Welt 
 article with my Eisenbahnundwurstdeutsches.
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 > Article on Glenn Gould and his humming 
 and conducting 
 while playing, in 
 > DIE WELT, a German
 newspaper, on Febr 14, 2015. 
 Written in German, I'm 
 > afraid.
 > http://www.welt.de/gesundheit/psychologie/article137459041/Warum-geniale-Pianisten-gern-auch-mitsummen.html
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