[f_minor] Inner Awareness: GG and the Japanese Connection Ideas 1994

Bruce Cross bruce.r.cross at gmail.com
Sat Feb 14 15:00:30 MST 2015

"Despite there being numerous biographies and documentary films about
the enigmatic genius of Gould, the impact “The Three-Cornered World”
had on him is a subject that has generally escaped consideration by
writers and researchers."
I wondered about this statement in the recent The Japan Times article,
and found in my archive a recording of a documentary broadcast on
Ideas in 1994: Inner Awareness: Glenn Gould and the Japanese
Connection. This wide-ranging documentary discusses solitude,
eccentricity, loneliness, Zen, and creativity in the light of Japanese
thought. Among the many interesting statements in the documentary is
one by Abbott Mayada: "if he [GG] had become a Zen monk, he would have
been a great one". William Foley, cited in the Japan Times article, is
interviewed. Among the many others interviewed are John McClure
(archival), Hiroshi Teshigahara, Glenn Gould, Bernie Lucht, Ray Oyama,
Jessie Grieg, Otto Friedrich, Ray Roberts, Jonathan Cott, Abbot
Mayada, Lorne Tulk, and Alan Turney
There is an interesting discussion of where Glenn Gould's last concert
took place. Lorne Tulk is sure that it was in Seattle, and tells a
story of Gould driving home from there.

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