[f_minor] Jun'ichi Miyazawa fiasco

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To Yoshiyuki Mukudai in particular but everyone else as well:

Yoshiyuki, I found your original e-mail of great interest and not at all indicative of any kind of "personal vendetta" with Miyazawa. I responded to you because I found your e-mail interesting and I still find what you have to say interesting. That's me. Iconoclasm interests me, hero worship doesn't. You appear to know your subject very well and expressed your views very well in a language that isn't your 'mother tongue'. I salute you. 

Nuncle Pat: there was no "trolling" nor "flaming" going on; simply a vast difference of opinion on Miyazawa. Oh gee, call out The National Guard, Fminor can't take the fire.

As for the statement: "I found your comment on f_minor to be very offensive, both against Junichi Miyazawa as well as against the rest of this list." - ahem. I don't agree at all. 

On a "list" devoted to information/discussion of such an iconoclast as Glenn Gould I find this whole "fluff" re Miyazawa quite disconcerting. If Yoshiyuki has a point to make then this is the place to make it.

And on a another note: Yoshiyuki, you are not the only one who has picked up on Gould's public "piss take" of Bernstein's lectures. I know quite a few people who are also amused by Gould's antics but here on Fminor no one seems interested. 

Exit, pursued by a bear,

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Subject: [f_minor] Jun'ichi Miyazawa fiasco

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Hello Matthew,
You didn't write any salutation to close your e-mail unlike this e-mail.Have I written any further details to attack Miyazawa? No, I haven't.Is Miyazawa is a member of f-minor group? Yes, I do believe so.Miyazawa has invaded UseNet around 1997 to sell his Japanese version of Grainger disc which liner note he wrote. UseNet is not a place for making money from it. Miyazawa broke that basic rules and didn't showing anyregrets. Maybe, you can find connections between quality of his workand his attitude toward his audiences.
Sincerely,Yoshiyuki Mukudai
On Tue, Jan 6, 2015 at 3:23 AM, Matthew Harding <matt at ktlgroup.ca> wrote:
Hello Yoshiyuki.
I posted my name - look at the bottom of the email - it is Matthew. Do you want my full name? Matthew Harding.

Corrections are not offensive. But your tone of voice definitely is. But then you explain yourself with your 10-year disagreement with Junichi. Please don’t bring your personal vendetta to a public list is all I am saying.
I can’t answer about Tim Page. I have spoken to him also once, he seems like a nice man but from a different world and time.
Please believe me that I do not wish to insult you or get into a disagreement with you. I do not know what Junichi did to make you angry but please keep it private.
With respect,Matthew Harding

On Jan 5, 2015, at 1:13 PM, Yoshiyuki Mukudai <mukudaiyoshiyuki at googlemail.com> wrote:
If making Corrections on what is sold is offensive, you must go back to kindergarden.That certain Jun'ichi Miyazawa has been offensive to me for more than decade.
Now you've got an idea.Never e-mail me again without writing your name in the body of it, which is called rudeness of you.Most part of my post is very basic to any of Glenn Gould scholars like Tim Page, but Tim could't answer. This is something. Has Tim enough credibility to murmur any words about Glenn Gould.I wonder.

On Tue, Jan 6, 2015 at 2:49 AM, Matthew Harding <matt at ktlgroup.ca> wrote:
I found your comment on f_minor to be very offensive, both against Junichi Miyazawa as well as against the rest of this list.

Do you dislike him personally?

I don’t want to get into an argument with you on f_minor, so if you want to disagree, please feel free to do so on my personal email.

I wonder why you would post such a message?


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