[f_minor] Jun'ichi Miyazawa fiasco (to be continued?)

Yoshiyuki Mukudai mukudaiyoshiyuki at googlemail.com
Mon Jan 5 12:09:27 MST 2015

>If there are indeed errors in his translation (which I doubt), then
perhaps you could address them to >him personally, as opposed to airing
them here on a public list. Your comments really didn?t add >anything to
your message.

You can purchase it and then scan it to the pdf then try google translate.
Otherwise, you are expressing extremely rude things on this mailing list.
And, you are telling us lies you did't type your name, that is
automatically added. So I had to remove that. Stop using time with stupid
things. iMac auto correction does often causes errors.
Sorry to barrow this space, (now you are feeling a little better. I do know
your weak spots.)

Yoshiyuki Mukudai
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