[f_minor] Jun'ichi Miyazawa fiasco

Yoshiyuki Mukudai mukudaiyoshiyuki at googlemail.com
Mon Jan 5 11:49:56 MST 2015

Dear friends,

Sorry to barrow this place to accuse Miyazawa's routine work.
In 1995, I read his article on a Japanese music magazine.
It was interview with Leonard Rose (I think) in Japanese.
In the conversation, interviewee is saying, "It was above all
about Furtwaegler on which we are talking about over the phone."
It was curious to me so that I asked Miyazawa whether or not
he said Furtwaengler in his interview with Rose when Miyazawa
invaded the UseNet. Miyazawa replied that miyazawa immediately
felt it strange but didn't ask Rose back because he lacks courage.
I scold Miyazawa for his low level consciousness of profession.
Then, Miyazawa replied to me, "It is okay for me because I am
okay with being criticised. But, that is not the case in anybody else,"
in which sentence, Miyazawa implicitly demanded never touch
that subject and never talk to him. This kind of attitude is called
Threat in the Japanese culture.

I also asked him about his enthusiasm with Percy Grainger. He
couldn't answer. At least he used UseNet to sell his goods, which
act was (and perhaps is) forbidden.

End of Miyazawa story.
Yoshiyuki Mukudai
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