[f_minor] Gould and Shostakovich, Gould and Ives 4th (27 April, 1965)

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A very unusual and inaccurate comment to make on a public mailing list. Do you have a personal vendetta, perhaps?

I have met Junichi Miyazawa in person - I found him to be honest, open, intelligent, and very respectable. And a nice person.

In fact, he is an expert - not “so-called”, but in reality. He has visited Canada many times, researched Glenn Gould, published many many books, articles and other writings, and is quite knowledgeable about Gould and many other topics of Canadian interest.

If there are indeed errors in his translation (which I doubt), then perhaps you could address them to him personally, as opposed to airing them here on a public list. Your comments really didn’t add anything to your message.

You also spelled “scholar” incorrectly, but I don’t assume you have a low standard of intelligence because of that. I just assume that perhaps English is not your first language.


> On Dec 27, 2014, at 6:01 AM, Yoshiyuki Mukudai <mukudaiyoshiyuki at googlemail.com> wrote:
> Post Script:
> In the liner of "Glenn Gould Silver Jubilee Album" CD released in 1998 was written by a hand of Japanese musicologist "Titan" and Glenn Gould self-called "expert" called Jun'ichi Miyazawa. His translation is very strange and has very easy-going errors.
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> Shockingly enough, this Jun'ichi Miyazawa is among the most respected by many of uneducated Japanese music lovers to its scholors. This is one of many samples proving low standard of the Japanese Intelligentsa quality.
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> Yoshiyuki Mukudai

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