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G’day Anita

Well, I for one do agree with your teacher. Mozart is overrated. Yet the reasons why I and Mr. Gould have or had issues with Mozart are different. Mine are aesthetic, I reckon that Mr. Goulds were more compositorial (if such a word exists).

Mozart was allright, he wrote some nice riffs and riddims,  I for one associate Mozart with candy floss and porcelain dolls and for some strange reason Andrew Lloyd Webber. Makes one wonder if he wrote most of his music to please and impress other people and not for himself. Bach never had that problem as far as I can see. Maybe he would have ripened with time and age, the Requiem definetly was a step in that direction. Imagine that, an alternate universe where Beethoven and Mozart were in competition....

As for Mr. Goulds legendary distaste of Mozart – well – being a non-musician I suspect he had issues with how Wolferl composed.  Or how he as a pianist was more or less forced to play the stuff. Not to mention the bloody romantic composers.....

Yet Mr. Gould was one of the few people who stood up and said what they thought about Mozart and because this story is a vital part in the Hagiographia Gouldiana it would be awfully nice to see that short feature being released to the public in one form or another.

Now - how about it ?


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Pat,  my teacher Yehuda Guttman did not like much of Mozart's music, unlike most of the rest of the world.  Yehuda thought that it was the  
music of a "young mind" and if he had lived a longer life there would have been more complex music..I don't agree with him since I love
so many of Mozart's melodies...


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  Hi all

  I would like to second Our Mary’s motion. I wanna see Mr. Gould rant about Mozart. There must be a way to do it somehow. Maybe we can crowdfund for the copyright or a limited license or summet ? Who brings the arrow root cookies if I bring along some Poland Water for the screening ? 

  My gift ? Either form or mathematics, depends on your point of view. Yet I must point out this is NOT a GG recording:
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  Our Glenn Gould is looking forward to yet another birthday in a day or two -  depending on where you live on the globe.

  Time to begin sharing presents. 

  I ask The Glenn Gould Foundation to host an internet screening of Gould's rarely seen "How Mozart Became A Bad Composer" on their website. I know they can ask for the rights for a screening (from The Paley Center for Media in NYC). It can be done. So do it.

  My present? Colours.

  Les couleurs du Moyen-Âge
  par Michel Pastoureau Conférences en ligne

  Colour. Those pearly notes of Gould's all over his Bach - contrasting with the flashes of white, yellow, red, blue, brown, black.  

  best I can do at the moment,



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