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I do remember where, Anita. The second Goldberg was 'just out'. All over Manhattan, where I happened to be living at the time, Glenn Gould was to be seen leaning back dangerously in that director's chair, dressed in dark blue, a very GG smile on his face, in the window of every single record store (and there were plenty in NYC). Had he only known.


Forgive me but since most here already have huge collections of our Glenn Gould may I suggest a marvellous musical programme of the recently deceased Christopher Hogwood that will steal your heart away:


At least have a look at the musical programme.

(I always feel so bad for Bert Gould, Glenn Gould's father, who was faced with the unthinkable.)



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Do any of you remember exactly where you were when you learned that he had died.  I do, and it was such stunning news.I had a hard time concentrating of my job that day, and just wanted to go home and grieve...
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Yes, I know. 😕

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In Australia it's morning.
Let me be the first to remind everybody that 
today, October 4th is the anniversary of GG's death in 1982.
I think I shall be hitting the CD collection 
today. Probably Bach.

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