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Pat pzumst at bluewin.ch
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Hi all

I would like to second Our Mary’s motion. I wanna see Mr. Gould rant about Mozart. There must be a way to do it somehow. Maybe we can crowdfund for the copyright or a limited license or summet ? Who brings the arrow root cookies if I bring along some Poland Water for the screening ? 

My gift ? Either form or mathematics, depends on your point of view. Yet I must point out this is NOT a GG recording:
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Subject: [f_minor] GG's birthday

Our Glenn Gould is looking forward to yet another birthday in a day or two -  depending on where you live on the globe.

Time to begin sharing presents. 

I ask The Glenn Gould Foundation to host an internet screening of Gould's rarely seen "How Mozart Became A Bad Composer" on their website. I know they can ask for the rights for a screening (from The Paley Center for Media in NYC). It can be done. So do it.

My present? Colours.

Les couleurs du Moyen-Âge
par Michel Pastoureau Conférences en ligne

Colour. Those pearly notes of Gould's all over his Bach - contrasting with the flashes of white, yellow, red, blue, brown, black.  

best I can do at the moment,


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