[f_minor] Concerto BMV 1061 / Katia and Marielle Labècque, harpsichords

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Gruess Gott "bobmerk",

I'm old enough to remember when John McLaughlin became "Vishnu John". Crikey, that seems a lifetime ago now... many, many Harvest moons ago.

A passing thought on the four hands at the keyboard: the polydactyl "star pianist" in a brief appearance in the film "Gattaca": 10 fingers, 2 thumbs. A link with a comment by "shaerens":

"This is a 
very clever scene. The pianist is playing Schubert's impromptu in G 
flat, only he's adding an additional melody that's not humanly possible 
to play. It's then revealed that he has additional fingers to achieve 
this. (It's still not possible though, the melody in the right hand is 
played with the ring finger and the pinky, the chords with the other 
fingers in the right hand. The additional melody is way too much of a 


I've posted this elsewhere but Jehan (pronounced Jean) Alain deserves more exposure:


Do read what you can of his family's history. Enjoy his music.


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A recent poster asked where everyody was. I hope 
everybody's at the lakeshore cabin, so while you're putting 
on sunscreen and insect repellant, I'm sending you this, and hope you enjoy 
J. S. Bach Concerto BMV 1061
Katia and Marielle Labècque / 
One summer night on a blanket I saw and heard the 
Labècque Sisters bang out "Carnival of the Animals" on two pianos, and I've been 
a huge fan ever since. (I particularly love "The Tortoise.") 
I've been rediscovering composer/guitarist 
Mahavishnu John McClaughlin, and a few decades ago, he and Katia were married. 
That must have been a richly musical household. The Sisters and McClaughlin 
issued one or two CDs of McClaughlin compositions.
Anyway most of you are JS Bach freaks, so enjoy 
and let me know what you think of this "cover." I'm specifically NOT asking 
how it compares to The Master, but if anyone has such thoughts, toss them in, 
But look, even The Master only had two hands, 
beautiful as they were. He must have been at a disadvantage competing 
against a four-hand act.
Yesterday my doctor told me about her 
weekend, installing her daughter in the freshman dorm at a Pennsylvania 
college. So summer's over, dudes, back to work.
Massachusetts USA

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