[f_minor] Concerto BMV 1061 / Katia and Marielle Labècque, harpsichords

Matthew Harding matt at ktlgroup.ca
Fri Sep 5 09:24:07 MDT 2014

I just did my “ice bucket challenge”. I nominated Glenn Gould. All my kids groaned (they actually think he’s dead, silly kids). Tchoh.

Bob, Bob, Bob… do you honestly think the lack of four hands would slow down our Glenn?

We only have to look at his Wagnerian masterpieces (yes that’s right, I said masterpieces) to see What Glenn Would Do when he needed extra hands - simply dub them in! Splice, tape, glue, rewind… (or I suppose now it would be Click, Click, Click, Print…). 

I forget his exact quote - something like writing like Wagner would have written for piano, if Wagner knew how to write for piano. Ah, time for a browse through the GG Reader I think…

On the obligatory off-topic note, I heard the Schnittke old-style piano suite (I believe) this morning on Sirius. What a wonderful piece - does anyone have more info? Has anyone played it? Wikipedia says his music is polystylist - whatever that means. Huh. 

P.S. Hope all is well in Vleeptron.


On Sep 5, 2014, at 10:58 AM, Robert Merkin <bobmerk at earthlink.net> wrote:

> But look, even The Master only had two hands, beautiful as they were. He must have been at a disadvantage competing against a four-hand act.

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