[f_minor] GG Canadian person of national historic significance

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Hi Anita, all

Yep, the man had fascinating hands indeed.

Of course it is an honor but it also has that slight “well done mate, but the 20th Century is over, now be a good lad and move out of the Here&Now off to the museum, will you ?” feel as well. At least for me.

I dunno if it was actually NASA who decided what was supposed to go on the Golden Disc, but that doesn’t matter. What I can say is that NASA has definetly confirmed that Voyager has left the Heliosphere and is now in Interstellar Space, between the stars (there is a soundfile somewhere where you can hear a speeded up drop of the radiation noise). Next stop: Oort Cloud and Alpha Centauri with an ETA of give or take some 40’000 years......

(and for all the newbies here who don’t know what I am talking about maybe Bob Merkin will tell ya a joke...)


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Hi Pat & All, 

Don't you like the picture of the young GG?  He had such perfect hands for a pianist.  I've always loved the fact that NASA put his music on the space exploration vehicle.  That was enough historic significance for anyone.. I suspect that he would have liked that honor.


On Sat, Aug 30, 2014 at 2:32 PM, Pat <pzumst at bluewin.ch> wrote:

  Thanks Kate ! I dunno if Mr Gould would have liked that though....

  so....where the hell is everybody ?

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  Glenn Gould - Canadian person of national historic significance! 


  Why did it take so long? Twenty five years have to pass after a person's death.




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