[f_minor] A Letter To Sony Classical

Pat pzumst at bluewin.ch
Fri May 23 12:41:56 MDT 2014

Dear Sony Classical

In 2012 you announced the release of a DVD called “How Mozart became a Bad Compser” by Glenn Gould. It is a 1968 CBC feature supposed to be in color (probably one of the first appearences of Mr. Gould in color) and it is supposed to be rather interesting and entertaining. Hell, maybe even funny. Supposedly Mr. Gould is having one of his infamous coversations with himself and supposedly some loony music critic from England called Twat-Thornwit or summet similar.

I say supposed because shortly after the announcement the project was cancelled and I can’t even find the announcement with an ASIN over at the world’s largest book store. 

Which I reckon is a pity. 

Now are there any plans to give this a proper release ? I don’t mind if you scrap the umpthteenth re-re-re-re-re-rererelease of the Goldbergs for September. You will be able to flog that horse for the rest of infinty and you know that as well as I do. Glenn Gould and Bach will always sell. 

But I would like to have this Mozart feature on my shelf, I would’t even mind an iTunes donwload. 

I know you can pull this off. You have done a terrific job in collaboration with the CBC for the “Glenn Gould On Television” box and with the original jacket collection and the blue Bach box you gave customers very good value for their money and after some years of doubt I had regained faith in the release policy of Sony Classical when it came to Mr. Gould. This would be an ideal opportunity to keep your customers on this level of confidence, strenghten the brand loyalty – and make a few quid as well.

Lawyers ? Copyright issues ? Minor obstacles I reckon. You were able to solve that before, you can do so now. 

So, how about it ? 

And while I am here, how about a small download store where we could buy some of the unreleased radio features, maybe some outtakes or stuff that used to be on the CBC Legacy site ? I would’t mind paying a few quid for that and if a small indie band like Fugazi can sell their old gigs for a fiver per piece then so can you. So..how about it ?

I hope to hear from you soon with some very interesting news and for the time being I remain yours truly.

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