[f_minor] "L'Art de la fugue de J.S. Bach"

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G’day there,

Since thus far nobody has bothered to reply I would like to thank Mary for letting us know about such programs. I will subscribe to this as a podcast and give it a listen, hearing Jordi Savall talk about Bach might be interesting....

Such broadcasts and radio stations with decent programming and DJs who actually know what they’re talking about are becoming a rarity these days. The media landscape has changed drastically, I dunno if radio stations like France Musique, BBC Radio 3 or SRF 2 will still exist in 5 or 10 years due to the culture of ratings, funding and the pressures of commercial radio for public broadcasters....just look at the CBC.....

As for a gouldian context it is safe to say that you can say what you want about his abilities as a broadcaster but he was pretty lucky not only to have an audience who was more or less familiar with the stuff he presented, but also that the CBC more or less let him do what he wanted. That would be impossible today, I doubt that any TV station would let a famous pianist talk about Mozart and why he was a bad composer for an hour or so(Spony, CBC, nudgenudge, winkwink, release ?) or give him a slot for a fairly experimental feature about life in northern Canada during Prime Time on their new national stereo network....


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Radio France Musique 
"Le Matin des Musiciens du Mercredi" recorded live 
Cedric Pescia, piano
(8 'guests' including Jordi Savall, Quator Keller, Helmut Walcha)


Once there, click on "ECOUTER L'EMISSION"




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