[f_minor] "Masterclass" weekends anyone? Paul Tortelier

maryellen jensen maryellenjensen28 at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 17 15:18:01 MST 2014

GG didn't have any paying students except the public who saw his concerts, heard him on radio, bought his records and then watched his television programs and then much later saw a few documentaries. 

There was such a sympathetic response here when I asked for help on how to access all of Andras Schiff's Beethoven Sonatas lectures at Wigmore Hall London that I thought perhaps anyone else here who has had his/her ear tweeked by something splendid might share it even if that event-program hasn't anything at all to do with Glenn Gould personally but in some way artistically...

Paul Tortelier:


and Paul Tortelier with Bruno Monsaingeon - in French (sorry) with Spanish subtitles:


I'd love to know what you have found...

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