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To the best of my knowledge, his father had made only 2.


Why 2 though, one as a spare?


When someone constructs something like that out of wood, you do not usually construct a spare (as a just in case).


I'm relatively certain that the chair being only 14 inches off the floor, was not made for anyone other than Glenn!





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Speaking of chairs, is it true or false that his dad made more than one ? I seem to have read that somewhere...there seems to be a lot of urban myth and hagiography around that chair....


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"and did you notice that he put something on the chair?  I'd never seen that before."

Haha Fred, that's the stuffing of the chair tumbling out and when all that stuffing was finally gone GG sat on just the T-bar of the chair... not so great for his coccyx.


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Sounds like it was done in mono.  Too bad we can't hear this done by him in stereo, or did he do one in that form?  The technique is of course amazing.  I like the way his body swirled around in circles and did you notice that he put something on the chair?  I'd never seen that before.  

On Saturday, January 11, 2014 3:50:25 PM, michael macelletti <mmacelletti at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

just listened to gould's beethoven sonata no. 30 on vol 4 , so you want to write a fugue, of the old vhs glenn gould complete 16 vol collection. ( still out of print ???)   absolutely hair-raising type of exciting. those sixths in the variations,  wow !!  sure wish someone could find that performance somewhere on the net so everyone could give it a listen.  i simply have no idea how to do it. 


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