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H Kate and all

Thanks for reviving the list a bit

A fugist to the manor born, eh ? Ya learn summet new every day....I do speak english, german and french, yet I still marvel at the linguistic uniqueness of the patois that is gouldish. What a funny man, when he tries to be funny he isn’t, but when he is acting serious I sometimes can’t help but wonder.

It is funny to watch these innocent clips nowdays, they seem to have fallen through a crack in space and time. One could question Mr. Gould’s presence on television (Lenny did a better job there I reckon, also when GG claimed he never played a live concert in front of an audience after 1963 he is a bleeding liar), but I marvel at the freedom he had in doing what he did on the tube. The stuff he got away with (both in music and presentation style) is astonishing and must make some television personalities green with envy nowdays. Or shudder in disbelief.....

Yet all this makes one wish there would be something similar on telly these days. More classical music and some education about music in general for the mindless and dumbed-donw masses instead of André Rieu and stupid supermodels. Let’s revive the Bildungsbürgertum !

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Hello Everyone - Check out 


then go listen to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMe-RGkUfb0



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