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Hello Maryellen,

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>  Dudley Moore did a great "take-off" of Britten-Pears which was a huge success, apparently more for Pears (who laughed) than for Britten (who wasn't much amused). 

The piece is called 'Little Miss Muffet' and is part of the revue called 'Beyond The Fringe' which ran in London (and New York) in the 1960s starring Moore, Peter Cook, Alan Bennett and Jonathan Miller, the last being replaced by Paxton Whitehead in New York. I think the CDs are still available. The 3-CD set I have is called 'The Complete Beyond The Fringe' and has the ISBN: 1 85848 499 5.

To my mind the show hasn't dated all that much, but some of the sting has gone out of the satire and it really was a very British show. Maybe the NY audiences comprised mainly expatriate Brits.

-- Tim
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