[f_minor] Toronto telephone exchange 4.10.82

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Not 100 % accurate translation but you get the idea...

At night, the telephone would ring

I always used to call you
can you still remember ?
Sometimes we spoke for many hours
wasn’t it beautiful ?
When we both met
you brought me home
and (as) your steps faded
our game was far from over

At night the telephne would ring
and I already knew
this can only be you
At night the telephone would ring
just after the first ring
this can only be you
Softly I heard your voice
saying over and over (again)
You, witthout you I cannot bear (this) life
At night the telephone would ring
sweet dreams, my dear / my Darling
this should only be you.

but thren came the day of days
(I) don’t know why
I tried to call you for so many hours
(but) all was mute
I had waited (for) a thousand nights
and was hoping for a time
that would bring back your voice
and so wait for Eternity

The telephone keeps quiet
doesn’t make a sound

this can only be you
the telephone keeps quiet
and it sounds like scorn

this can only be you

but I still try to call
to tell you
you, without you, I can’t bear (this) life

The telephone keeps quiet
träume süß mein Schatz,
sweet dreams my darling

this can only be you

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