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Fri Sep 27 09:28:00 MDT 2013

I wouldn't necessarily dismiss the silence as "not honoring" GG.  I don't
think his accomplishment is diminished simply because ppl were unresponsive
on a mailing list.

I've been on this list since 1997, and I found this list to be an excellent
source of new GG releases, interesting concerts/reviews, and even
trades/sales of GG related media.  Like any other list, it goes through
phases.  It was buzzing when we had the GG Conference in 1999.  We've even
at one point had a younger fan base who was smittened with GG both in music
and physical beauty.  Recently Sony just hasn't been the forthcoming at
releasing new GG related material, and a lot of people who used to
contribute to the list are busy with other projects.  I actually remember
the days when Junichi and Tim used to post a lot on the mailing list (I was
in high school at the time...man time flies).

GG's bday fell on a Wednesday, which is in the middle of the work week
where a lot of us might not have the time to celebrate (or even check our
emails).  We may not be vocal about it, but I can assure you that GG's good
work have not been forgotten.  I follow closely on various music scenes,
and I'm always pleasantly surprised when a band gives a tip of the hat to
GG in their own subtle ways. :)

I actually plan on performing the same ritual as I have done for years this
weekend in celebration of GG's birthday, namely, watching Two Portraits and
eating arrowroot cookies.  I'm actually not too much of a fan of the
latter, but I always found it humorous that in the middle of Florida, I can
find a bag of them in this tiny British shoppe amongst the haggis and
cockles (they're pickled clam).

Cheers everyone, thanks to everyone who made this list possible.  Here to
many more years to come. :)

--DJ Were-Panda (aka Theresa)
   Hi all

There was only one message regarding what would have been GG’s 81st.

...which leaves me with at least 2 questions:

- Is GG still relevant for artists, thinkers, musicians, arrangers etc.
today ? Some of his ideas are clearly outdated (his idea of what would
later become the mixtape and is today known simply as a playlist in yer
iTunes has now been surpassed by technology) ? Was his approach to
composers like Bach or Mozart (add Beethoven if you want) so out of center
it became unfashionable and there is a chance that aspiring pianists being
fed up with Lang Lang and Pogorelich as role models might pick up GG’s
approach as a pianistic inspiration again ?. That might be interesting,
more eccentric diversification, more debate, less robot playing, more
substance, less image.

- Is there still enough in the vaults plus the infamous ice box of Sony and
the CBC to justify “new” releases for the general public and not just the
hardcore Gouldians ? GG is still dead, what remains is The Legend And Its
Hagiography, but is that enough to sell records ? Especially to a new
generation that has a different approach to classical music ? Mind you, we
are talking about events that took place at least 60 years ago, to some
people that is like what the last 6 million years are to a

I dunno. I might have more questions though. I like to ask silly questions.

As an atheist I do not believe in the afterlife, but just in case there is
the 0,.....00001 chance I am wrong- Happy Birthday Mr Gould !

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