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i dunno about this site.

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Hi all
There was only one message regarding what would have been GG’s 81st. 
...which leaves me with at least 2 questions:
- Is GG still relevant for artists, thinkers, musicians, arrangers etc. 
today ? Some of his ideas are clearly outdated (his idea of what would later 
become the mixtape and is today known simply as a playlist in yer iTunes has now 
been surpassed by technology) ? Was his approach to composers like Bach or 
Mozart (add Beethoven if you want) so out of center it became unfashionable and 
there is a chance that aspiring pianists being fed up with Lang Lang and 
Pogorelich as role models might pick up GG’s approach as a pianistic inspiration 
again ?. That might be interesting, more eccentric diversification, more debate, 
less robot playing, more substance, less image.
- Is there still enough in the vaults plus the infamous ice box of Sony and 
the CBC to justify “new” releases for the general public and not just the 
hardcore Gouldians ? GG is still dead, what remains is The Legend And Its 
Hagiography, but is that enough to sell records ? Especially to a new generation 
that has a different approach to classical music ? Mind you, we are talking 
about events that took place at least 60 years ago, to some people that is like 
what the last 6 million years are to a paleoanthropologist...
I dunno. I might have more questions though. I like to ask silly 
As an atheist I do not believe in the afterlife, but just in case there is 
the 0,.....00001 chance I am wrong- Happy Birthday Mr Gould !
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