[f_minor] Happy Birthday Glen Gold/Glenn Gould

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Wed Sep 25 15:02:47 MDT 2013

A couple of links on 25th of septembre (Nicolas de Flue according to my "name day" calendar):

Some have already heard it, others not, there are now so many youtube links to GG:

Party-pooper Mary (balloons exploding discretely in the background a la Solitude Trilogy): for anyone who labours under the illusion that GG invented the term "kit" - oh no - it existed at Columbia Masterworks long before GG was even signed up:

Masterworks Demonstration Kits"


This remains my all-time favourite GG youtube for anyone who doubts Beethoven or who doubts GG (It just doesn't get any better than this it just can't): 


>From Jonathan Cott's "Dinner With Lenny":
Bernstein: "Well, you know how you can introject the voice of Beethoven or Wagner...but, of course, it's your own. You see, your and my friend Glenn Gould wouldn't be here in this room except that he's in us. That's why he's here. We introject him...and Glenn, and my wife, and other people I love who are dead aren't "up there" walking around and looking like Glenn and Felicia. They don't have earlobes and the same nipples that they had on earth. But somehow they're there, the essence is there. We just don't understand it, our evolution hasn't taken us far enough yet to glimpse what the word that we stupidly use, soul, can mean."

Happy Birthday GG; still brilliant, still giving me that Brian Epstein smile with eyes half closed and slow headshake in disbelief at how good it all really is. 

Light a candle,



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